Another Small Step

Dec 17, 2012

Will we ever have a daily train from Los Angeles to Palm Springs and Indio? Many folks have asked that same question, and I can only say that it takes a very long time. We are navigating through many government entities that have certain legal requirements set in place, all of which must be followed.

Another meeting was held at the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership Board room October 24, 2012. The Caltrans Acting Director of Transportation and Planning along with Caltrans Director for District 8 and other Caltrans staff attended this meeting in order to brief the local politicians and decision makers on just what it will take to move the train project forward. One of many requirements is that the Coachella Valley Association of Governments will have to officially request that Caltrans complete a study of passenger train service from Los Angeles to the Coachella Valley. Although this may seem redundant because CVAG has completed a passenger rail study; the Federal Railroad Administration mandates that the state has to complete a through independent study.

I should also mention that Caltrans Division of Rail is currently up dating the entire state rail plan which may be completed by late spring of 2013. I plan on providing regular updates as this study moves forward.

Robert Manning
President, Southwest Rail Passenger Association