Additional Rail Passenger Service for California

Jul 09, 2012

We at Southwest Rail have been focused on encouraging additional passenger rail service from Los Angeles to Palm Springs and Indio. This potential train would depart Los Angeles Union Station with stops in Fullerton, Riverside, making its way to Palm Springs and terminating in Indio. There could also be a potential stop in Redlands and the Banning / Cabazon area.

This service has been in the California State Rail Plan since the 1990s and languished due to lack of funding. As required by law, the state of California is updating its rail plan and passenger rail service from Los Angeles to the Coachella Valley will again be looked at along with other potential rail service through out the State.

It should be noted that the Federal Railroad Administration mandates any new state rail passenger service under consideration, must be in a current state rail plan.

We have been in contact with the State Division of Rail, and have been informed that the study should be complete by early Fall of this year. We will continue to actively monitor this situation.

We have been educating members of our State Legislator regarding the need to be kept in the current and future rail plan.

We along with our partners are strongly motivated to move this project forward with a daily passenger train connecting the Coachella Valley.

Robert Manning, President, Southwest Rail Passenger Association