Historic Rail in La Plata, Missouri

Apr 23, 2010

Historic Rail in La Plata, Missouri

My wife and I took a wonderful Amtrak trip recently which departed from Los Angeles, Ca to Chicago, Ill. At our Chicago destination, we had the pleasure of attending a Town Hall meeting sponsored by Amtrak and Trains magazine, (which I will describe in detail in a future article).

Taking the Amtrak's Southwest Chief, afforded us the opportunity to stop off at La Plata, MO, which is approximately a five hour train ride from Chicago.

In doing so, we had a wonderful tiime at The The American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation! This Foundation is absolutely wonderful, and is an excellent destination for both children and adults, and families alike. I am proud to state that the American Passenger Rail Heritage Museum maintains an excellent educational exhibition featuring the history of American passenger rail service, railroad art, books, and other pertinent literature.

If you stay at the local Depot Inn & Suites, as we did, you can enjoy the many rail artifacts and historical rail books at this beautiful rail themed hotel.

As president of Southwest Rail Passenger Association, I am always interested in obtaining historical information dealing with the history of American transportation.

Attached to this report is an article from the Truman State College Newspaper located in Kirksville, MO (although Kirksville is located in another state, the city itself is only about 12 miles north of La Plata).

Please take the time to visit these interesting sites, and be sure to read the article I have attached.

Robert Manning

President, Southwest Rail Passenger Association

Article On Bob Cox:

Original Truman Index Article here

Article on Bob Cox PDF version (Local version – in case the above link does not work)