CVAG Permission to R. Manning

April 13, 2009

Southwest Rail Passenger Association

Robert Manning. Joyce Manning and Steve Oliver representing the Southwest Rail Passenger Association attended the monthly CVAG meeting on Transportation today. Bob was also representing RailPAC at this meeting.

First on the agenda was an update, given by Bob Manning, of recent events and discussions regarding the implementation of daily rail service between the Coachella Valley and Los Angeles. Bob gave a very thorough report which was very well received by CVAG.

Bob asked for and received permission to speak on CVAG's behalf regarding this daily service. His request was enthusiastically endorsed by the Assistant Director of CVAG. CVAG members unanimously agreed to allow Bob to speak on their behalf. It was decided that an outline would be created by the president of CVAG laying out the parameters of the relationship between CVAG and Bob Manning. This outline will be reviewed and voted on by the members of CVAG.

Everyone in attendance at this meeting was in support of the objectives of the Southwest Rail Passenger Association, mainly the establishment of daily service by the Sunset Limited, and was excited about the progress that has been made and the outlook for early success at making this a reality. The representative from Sun Line was particularly complimentary and offered his company's full support and help to make our goals a reality.